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Deciding to undertake a home improvement project is difficult, particularly if you’re going the do-it-yourself route, but that’s just the first step. Next you have to select the right resources – and that can be as confusing as deciding what project to do in the first place.

Visit any bookstore and you’ll see row after row of home improvement magazines on the shelves. At around $6 a pop, purchasing an armful of home improvement magazines that you don’t need can put a dent in your overhaul budget. This article will help you decide which home improvement magazine will provide you the most bang for your buck. Read more . . .

Idea from France

A home improvement expo is great for two varied reasons. This is great for either a homeowner or a business wishing to do home improvements. As a homeowner, you can see what the modern themes are for our homes. Each room designed and created to be like a blueprint you may want to use. Each room is flattering, and this is good for a business because there is no better way of finding people who need or want what your showcase has to offer than a home improvement expo. Read more . . .

Long timber deck with tables and chairs

Building a home improvement deck can be very pleasant as an addition to improve your home. You will be able to spend more time outdoors at your home, so it increases its value. Before you start, make sure you check what the codes are for the town you live in. Each code will be different based on the size of your lot, how high from the ground it will be the area of country for frost lines, and a lot more.

What Must I Think About When Adding My Deck?

Planning and designing your deck should include where you are going to build your deck and what the deck will be used for. You should also think about how much sun and shade the deck will have the entire day. Trees are a nice addition for your home improvement deck, but be careful on the Read more . . .

Home Repairs

Do you need to implement some home improvements, but can’t afford it right now? Have you ever imagined entering a home improvement contest? There are plenty of them, and you could win one. At the very least, of course, you can have fun dreaming about “what if.” Here are some home improvement contest options to consider.

Sweepstakes and Contests

The Better Homes and Gardens Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes; Annually, Better Homes Read more . . .

Man repainting a room


Home improvement shows are inspiring some people to opt for the remodel of their dreams rather than a project more practical for their financial reality.

Recent surveys have shown that 60 percent of respondents who have recently remodeled their home developed a budget before starting their project. Twenty seven percent of renovators, however, spent more than they had intended.     Read more . . .